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The Thousand Oaks Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) is a well-organized group of trained, local citizen volunteers. Members volunteer their time and energy in being prepared to assist local government and public safety agencies in serving the Conejo Valley and Ventura County of Southern California.

DART receives funding from the City of Thousand Oaks and is administered by the Thousand Oaks Police Department. DART is called upon by the Police, Sheriff, and Fire Departments to assist in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

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Things to do to prepare for El Nino

This is an amazing article from the LA Times on what homeowners can do to prepare for the forcasted El Nino rainy season.

If El Nino rainfall predictions are correct, this fall and winter could be the answer to drought-relief prayers. As with everything in life, however, be careful what you wish for. While there is a chance precipitation will be only moderate, there is also the possibility of powerful, drenching rainstorms that can quickly create trouble on many fronts. It’s time to get your head in the game. Preparing your house, your yard, your car and your insurance — now — can be the best hedge against an unpredictable season. Here are 28 tasks to consider to better position yourself against whatever challenges El Niño throws your way.

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El Niño is here, and it’ll be ‘one storm after another like a conveyor belt’

The strong El Niño in the Pacific Ocean is becoming even more powerful, setting the stage for an unusually wet winter in California that could bring heavy rains by January, climate experts said.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center said El Niño is already strong and mature, and is forecast to continue gaining strength. This El Niño is expected to be among the three strongest on record since 1950.

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DART to support Thousand Oaks Host Town Athletes

10644166_1509165629321767_8558706512263843094_oThousand Oaks DART is proud to be asked to fulfill the first aid and missing persons requirements for the Special Olympics World Games Host Town athletes.

The Special Olympics Host Town Program is a very special 3-day program that takes place prior to the Special Olympics World Games held in Los Angeles in July 2015. The Special Olympics World Games is the largest humanitarian and athletic event Los Angeles has seen since the 1984 Olympics. Over 7,000 athletes are expected to participate in the games.

As a “Host Town,” the City will roll out the red carpet for approximately 100 of these athletes in Thousand Oaks from July 21st through July 24, 2015.  While here, the athletes will get to know community members, be able to take part in unique activities, and train for the games.

The City will be responsible for 100% of the costs associated, such as lodging and food for the athletes.  In order to pay for the expenses, the City will be working with several service organizations, and seeking financial contributions and in-kind donations.

Please be involved!  This is not just a City event, but a community event and requires the participation of many in our community.  To keep up with the latest information, be sure to “Like” the Thousand Oaks host town facebook page.

Business Continuity

We spend a LOT of our time talking about Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Avoidance, but here, the Sheriff demonstrates Business Continuity. With 911 and dispatch being upgraded in the Ventura city-center, our IT staff was able to completely relocate these key services within hours to our Thousand Oaks location.

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