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The Thousand Oaks Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) is a well-organized group of trained, local citizen volunteers. Members volunteer their time and energy in being prepared to assist local government and public safety agencies in serving the Conejo Valley and Ventura County of Southern California.

DART receives funding from the City of Thousand Oaks and is administered by the Thousand Oaks Police Department. DART is called upon by the Police, Sheriff, and Fire Departments to assist in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

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Conejo Valley Days 2015


Setup is almost complete.

We will be providing the following services:

  • First Aid – All our members and First Aid / AED / CPR certified. We will have a full blown medical tent available along with 7 member EMT’s that are on staff throughout the event.
  • Missing Persons – Whether it is a missing child or a missing adult, all DART members have been trained on grid search techniques to find that missing (or hiding) person.
  • Lost Child Wristbands – A team of members will welcome you at the gate. If you are accompanying a minor, they will ask you if you want to give your child an emergency bracelet with your name and phone number on it. When they come to the tent, we can then make a call to re-unite the group.
  • Bike Team – Throughout periods of high attendance, we will have our bike team circulating the park for optimal response time to emergencies.
  • Community Education – One side of the CVD ‘DART campus’ is dedicated to community education including, disaster preparedness, emergency communications (Nixel, VCAlert and Nextdoor), and various aspects of the Thousand Oaks DART team. Come by and get a dart carabiner.
  • Demonstrations – On demand demonstrations of various life saving techniques such as CPR, AED use.

Westlake Village Community Fair


It looks like our new format really works. As DART evolves we have been trying to figure out new and unique ways of getting the message out, and I think we have finally hit the nail on the head.

In addition to the new signage (left and right) and our typical documentation, we have added an LED TV, a speaker system, and a dvd player that plays 911 footage. In this case, we used a 15 minute reel of recorded 911 calls from the Napa earthquake.

Interesting enough, we would ask people if they were prepared for a disaster or had a disaster kit. Many actually answered “Ill just call 911″. Well guess what. If we learned anything from our latest disasters, your not the only one that will be calling. Get in line with everyone who is trying to call in, and overtaxed 911 operators being taxed with everything from life threatening situations to someone who can’t turn their lights on.

The only solution is to BE PREPARED.

Quarterly Mock Callout

The DART team recently conducted a quarterly mock callout, not only for the learning experience, but a critique in procedures and equipment requirements. The motto for our training is “extreme challenge brings on knowledge”. What started out as a 7pm mobilization, turned into something much more sinister.


As darkness descended, the team quickly mobilized, distributing radios, flashlights, and assembled according to FEMA ICS protocols.


A search pattern quickly developed.

As the teams spread out, evidence of a gunfight started showing up.


As with all events, sometimes, surprises rear their head. Evidently, there was a another victim, shot in the chest and leg. The DART team quickly responded to not only stabilize the victim but transport him upstairs to emergency transport.

photo 2d photo 3c

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