What people are saying…

Bob Brooks, Former Ventura County Sheriff

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department has over 2000 volunteers. Men and women from throughout the county bring their expertise in scuba diving, mounted operations, swift water rescue, mountain and urban area searches and emergency medical response to form the backbone of tremendously successful Search and Rescue Teams.

All of these have contributed to our ability to protect lives and keep crime rates among the lowest in the nation.When you add the work done by the members of our Law Enforcement Explorer programs and Disaster Assistance Response Teams during major events and emergencies…

Volunteers help to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens.

Commander Dennis Carpenter, Former Thousand Oaks Police Chief

DART members are a proven asset to the City of Thousand Oaks, providing countless hours of service to our community.

Commander Keith Parks, Former Thousand Oaks Police Chief

The DART team has proven itself during recent emergencies… DART members are a tremendous asset for all of us in Thousand Oaks.

Chief Deputy Kathryn Kemp, Former Thousand Oaks Police Chief

If we ultimately get that big earthquake… DART is going to be absolutely essential!