Activate Conejo Fitness Fair

20140322_094653_1DART participated at the 2014 Activate Conejo Fitness Fair as part of the Public Service Sector exhibits demonstrating our skills and readiness for when a disaster strikes. After last week’s trembler, it is serves as a reminder how important it is to prepare for that inevitable major event.

Preparation is key to getting through that next disaster. Make sure you get ready and build a kit that includes but is not limited to water, food, radio, fresh batteries, medication, extra clothes, sturdy shoes and don’t forget the pets. Have a kit for your home, your place of work and for your car. Know how to locate and turn off the gas main, if necessary. Make a plan with your family on where to meet and pick an out of the area contact.

With many events coming up in the next few weeks in the Conejo Valley, be sure to stop by the DART booth and learn all about emergency preparedness.