Bike Team Training

This is DART’s busy time of year. For the next several months, every weekend we have an event that will need to be manned. And our biggest one, the Conejo Valley Days, is almost upon us. We will have a full complement of personnel with most of our equipment onsite. One integral part of that event is the bike team. DART has 4 bikes which makes up 2 teams. The bike team will patrol the CVDs and other venues and report any suspicious activities or render first aid. In other words the bike team is the first one on scene and on the forefront of everything that happens. Riding a bike at the CVDs is no small task. Especially during the busy night hours of the weekend it becomes a challenge to maneuver through the heavy crowd. That means keeping your balance at very low speeds. On the other hand, if need be, speed up to get to an emergency fast. That is why the DART bike team has several training sessions throughout the year.

One of those sessions was necessary recently to get the team up on par again to practice those tasks. It involved going around cones, simulating people, at very low speeds, racing to the get to an incident fast, perform slalom patterns through the crowd. Several incidents were practiced as well. There was a drunk individual who needed to be dealt with, a hurt child looking for his parents, a patient with open wounds and a cardiac arrest. We will see what the upcoming events have in store for us. But whatever it may be, we are prepared to deal with them. “This is DART Bike Team 1 to DART Command, situation resolved!”