Conejo Valley Days (2013) – Wrap Up

DSCN0335DART members supported the 57th Annual Conejo Valley Days providing Community Education, First Aid, and Missing Persons support.  The event was held at Conejo Creek South from Thursday 01 May through Sunday 05 May.  In addition to the Carnival Events, additional activities included “Special Kids” day as well as Five Kilometer and One Mile Fun Runs.

This year’s support of CVD proved to be challenging due to changes to site location and extreme winds that occurred during the morning prior to the first day of the carnival.  Members were called to assess, tear-down, cleanup, and repair equipment due to the damage that was experienced.  As winds continued throughout the day and into the Family Night event, the site operated from the only the trailer and DART Truck limiting our support to only First Aid and Missing Persons.

DSCN0350Winds subsided throughout the day Friday although heavy smoke and ash from the “Spring Fire” laid of blanket of unhealthy atmosphere over Conejo Creek.  The air cleared throughout the evening.  The first shift for the Friday Teen Night reconstructed the site with repaired canopies and equipment.  Full support was established by the middle of the first shift.

Saturday proved to be warm throughout the day although the evening cooled.  The attendance seemed to be less than experienced in previous years probably attributed to the worsening condition of the Spring Fire.

DSCN0353Sunday was a contrast to Saturday as cooler temperatures and occasional rain was experienced throughout the day.  Tear-down and packing of equipment and supplies was initiated approximately one hour prior to the conclusion of the event which proved to be wise as rain became heavy as the truck and trailer exited Conejo Creek.

In summary, DART provided excellent support through demanding conditions and circumstances.  Event organizers and Sheriff Department personnel visited our site and expressed their appreciation throughout the weekend.  Our support was a vital element to the success of Conejo Valley Days 2013.

Summary of Statistics:

Member Support Hours 455
Missing Person Searches 4
Medical Responses 51

Medical Incidents

Nausea 1
Cuts 35
Blisters 4
Bruises 3
Bee Stings 2
Burns 2
Sprains 3
Fracture 1