Ready… Set… Go…


Photo courtesy of John Noble

What does it mean? Ask the residents of Newbury Park, as fire encroached upon their community from several locations at once.

With changes in our environment, there is absolutely no excuse for not being prepared.

To learn all about it, check out this mega-article from the Ventura County Fire Department on what YOU need to do to be prepared.

The Ready… Set… Go… directive can be summarized as the following:

Now that you’ve done everything you can to protect your house, it’s time to prepare your family. Your Wildfire Action Plan must be prepared with all members of your household well in advance of a fire. Use these checklists to help you prepare your Wildfire Action Plan.

Each family’s plan will be different, depending on their situation.

Once you finish your plan, rehearse it regularly with your family and keep it in a safe and accessible place for quick implementation.

  • Get READY… Prepare Your Family
  • Get SET… As the Fire Approaches
  • GO!!!! — Early

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