Rotary Club Classic Car Show & Chili Cookoff


What do you get when you mix a hot day, a couple dozen classic cars and more chili than a mortal human can eat in a day? A lot of fun and a lot of… boots…

The 2013 Rotary Club Chili cookoff, often called the precursor to the juggernaut “Conejo Valley Days” held its own with over 10,000 people, two live stages, and more chili than you can shake a spoon at.

Luckily for the DART team,

the only thing we had to deal with were a lot of blisters (walking) and a few dehydration incidents, and lots of sunburns.

The event gave us a good birds eye view of whats to come this week with Conejo Valley Days.

Keep safe, don’t drink and drive, and have fun!