September is National Preparedness Month

Ready Tips
A family gathered at the table making an emergency plan.
Take Action During National Preparedness MonthDisasters don’t wait. Make your plan today. September is National Preparedness Month (NPM) and a great time to plan for and practice safety with your family, co-workers, school, neighbors, and yourself! Consider taking the following steps each week during September to strengthen your knowledge of preparedness:
September 1-5: Make A Plan: Talk with your family and create an emergency plan;
September 6-12: Build A Kit: Identify and set aside emergency supplies to keep at home. Don’t forget to pack supplies in case you need to leave your home or evacuate;
September 13-19: Prepare for Disasters: Know what disasters and hazards could affect your area and take steps to prepare for them; and
September 20-26: Teach Youth About Preparedness: Share preparedness advice with your kids and their friends. These tips about staying safe can be fun and easy!

Visit to learn more about NPM and find tools, tips, and resources to help you stay safe and participate. Are you a social media user? Follow FEMA on social media platforms: TwitterInstagram, and Facebook using the hashtag #BeReady.To learn more about personal and community preparedness, please visit