Thousand Oaks DART Deployed to Find Missing Teens

A Ventura County Sheriff's DART Team member who did not want to be identified searches for two missing teens in Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks Thursday. The two runaways were traced by police dogs to the park which they apparently frequented.

About 30 sheriff’s units, a helicopter and the Thousand Oaks Disaster Assistance Response Team began searching for the teenagers, officials said. A police dog tracking unit led them to Wildwood Park off Avenida de Los Arboles near Lynn Road, where park rangers joined the search, officials said.

The park remained open to the public while a command post was set up in the parking lot.

Searchers checked several caves in the park and questioned several people seen entering and leaving the park trails about whether they had seen the teens. Authorities also checked transit centers and bus depots in the area.

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