Value of Volunteer Time

The City of Thousand Oaks has saved thousands of dollars through the service hours reported by the Disaster Assistance Response Team (D.A.R.T.). In the last 5 years the team has served almost 11,000 hours. That’s worth about $300,000 in savings to the city! Putting numbers to volunteer hours will never do them justice, but it is just one way for us to show the contributions individuals  have made in our community. These estimates help acknowledge the individuals who dedicate their time, talents, and energy to making a difference. The current 25 member team is looking forward and training up for a more active role as the city, County, and State recovers and moves beyond the pandemic which has curtailed almost all in-person activity. Thank you D.A.R.T. Team!

5 year trend: 2372(2016); 2293(2017); 3348(2018); 1169 (2019); 1804(2020).