Youth Preparedness Toolkit

Summer is a great time to get families talking about preparedness! The Youth Preparedness Toolkit can help families in your community feel ready. It has safety and preparedness messages you can share on your social media channels. You can either copy these messages or customize them to reach your audience.
Some key messages of the Youth Preparedness Toolkit include:

Help families get familiar with emergency plans in their school or childcare buildings.
Remind them to practice evacuation plans and procedures with their children.
Teach them how and when to call important phone numbers such as 911.

What you should know about Youth Preparedness
Ensure children are included in preparedness conversations
Learn the building blocks of preparedness − Be Informed, Make a Plan, Build a Kit and Get Involved.
Know the emergency plan for your child’s school and child care facility
Practice evacuation plans and other emergency procedures with children on a regular basis
Learn different ways to help children cope during and after an emergency
Make sure children have emergency contacts memorized or written down in a secure place
Teach kids when and how to call important phone numbers like 911

For more information on the Youth Preparedness Toolkit, click here.